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Emergency Animal Rescue

Emergency Animal Rescue....Rescuing All Animals In Life Threatening Situations....24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK ..... Please make your donations by using the Pay Pal button. Thank You

          Emergency Animal Rescue (EAR) was founded in 1993.  After the deadly flooding in the Tijuana River Valley, several members of a local rescue agency saw a need for a fulltime,  highly trained  animal rescue service in the San Diego County area.  This core group, some of whom are still with the organization, spent countless hours putting together an organization that would consist of highly trained, highly skilled professional volunteers.  

        Slowly, but surely the word spread that there was now a highly trained animal rescue organization that was available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In early 1994, EAR responded to Los Angeles to assist in animal rescues during the Northridge earthquake.  In 1996  to the severe flooding in  the Conroe and Liberty areas of Texas.  2005 brought the devastating hurricanes of Katrina & Rita.  Again EAR responded to help the thousands of animals trapped in their homes. 

       In our own area, EAR has again played a major role in saving the lives of hundreds of animals unable to help themselves  during the horrific firestorms of San Diego County.  Among them the Pines, Harmony Grove, Viejas, Cedar and Witch Creek \wildfires. 

     But Emergency Animal Rescue does more than the "High Profile" rescues.  Thousands of rescues  go completely unnoticed  by anyone except for the animal and its owner.  From the cat that's been stuck in a tree for days to the dog that has fallen down a well to the frantic homeowner that has "something" in the chimney.    


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